With many respect for the survivors and R.I.P. for the people who died that day :( 


Prom 2012

I know it is a bit early, but time goes by so fast, so i decided to already take a look on promdresses! hehe, and i fell in love with two dresses, but i have no idea which one i should pick :( will you help me?


Bye Summer '11

Here in the Netherlands the summer is already over :( no sunshine, just rain. This year i went to my birthCountry Portugal again! yeaaah! Thank god the weather there was great! Next year im finally going on summervacation with my bestfriend Cat to THE USA - Texas! Im so happy and i cannot wait! <3 But first i wanna have a white snowyy x-mas again, just like last year ! xx jessicarella

The departed!

that girl

Thats me! 

My top 10 TV shows

#1. Jersey Shore
#2. South Park
#3. Simple Life
#4. Drop dead diva
#5. The Big Bang theory
#6. The hills
#7. Weeds
#8. Californication
#9. My name is...
#10. Idols

Weekend !

Hello all of you blogreaders! For me it was already weekend since yesterday, because i didn't go to school because i am sick :( ! So what do i do when im sick? Well, watching my favorite reality-show Jersey Shore! Watching other teenage movies, making smoothies and so on :P ! Well guys keep up with my blog, because my next post will be about my favorites and my not so favorites. xx that girl Jessicarella


My first Post

Hello all you lovely blogreaders <3 ! This is not my first blog, but this is my first real daily blog of which im going to be proud of! My blog is for those who are in to fashion, beauty and teenager lifestyles, it's going to be more or less as my favorite blog: www.isabelles.nu - Well i'll keep up with you guys! & my new post is coming in about an hour! :) xx that girl Jessicarella